Some thoughts on Character Creation

First of all – you’re EVIL.

Not poor, misunderstood, really a good-guy at heart kinda evil. Evil evil. Rasputin-Hannibal-Lector-Psychopathic Evil. You’re scary evil. You’re the fear that keeps you awake at night evil. Don’t shy away – embrace it! Bwaaahaaahaaaa haaa!

Think about your backstory. You’re not just 5 unfortunate criminals that the kingdom happened to capture. They hunted you down. You’re 5 of the people they are the most afraid of. Everyone wants you dead – or worse -, and remember, you deserve it! So WHY do you deserve it? What did you DO to make yourself one of the most sought-after fugitives in the kingdom? Obviously this is linked to your crime – which you are picking from the introductory material I provided, right? – but it’s one thing to say oh, Heresy – and another to say what it was you did that made the Church aggressively seek you out and condemn you. Evil, now, remember!

You want to be prepared to talk about your backstory as part of your character development. It will come up. You should be able to have a story to tell when that happens. Something to think about.

Some thoughts on Character Creation

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